A feature in West of the City Magazine

Posted on September 10, 2016

Was honored to be interviewed this summer for a feature in West of the City magazine. While being interviewed, I mentioned several people who offered affirmation, encouragement and opportunity at certain stages of my artistic exploration. They propelled me to accomplish more than I would have without them. These friends didn’t make the article… Ric and Shirley Riordon (owners of Riordon Design where I worked as a Graphic Designer) and Joelle Cooling (owner of the best women’s clothing store, Joelle’s, who promoted my family photography work to her network). I should have also thought to mention my own Mom, who’s enthusiasm for colouring contests and fancy title pages probably kick-started my art interest from the get-go. If you’re interested in reading the article, you can find it HERE.


“Maybe Tomorrow” – 36×36″

Posted on July 20, 2016

This painting came off the easel recently and I’m totally digging that combo of acid and kelly green just below the glowing light. Light and trees and colour… that’s my jam.


Opening night at Shane Norrie Contemporary

Posted on April 9, 2016

Ever since I started exploring in acrylics, there have been a few current Canadian artists who have stood out to me. Shane Norrie is right at the top of that list. His landscape paintings are so compelling to me. I absolutely love his bold use of colour, negative space and texture too! After all that time adoring his work from afar, it seems incredibly surreal to have a few pieces standing next to his in the beautiful Shane Norrie Contemporary art gallery in Stratford, Ontario. If you’re ever in Stratford, pop into the gallery and say hello!


My Paintings at Julia Veenstra’s Square Foot Show :: December 10th-13th

Posted on November 19, 2015

I’ve just returned from visiting Julia Veenstra‘s amazing studio in Hamilton where I dropped off three pieces for her Square Foot Show in December. I was glad I brought a friend along with lunch plans (at 541 Eatery on Barton), or I might never have left her studio lol! (how do you feel about loitering Julia? ;)) There were beautiful pieces covering every surface of her studio. If you’re looking to add a 12×12″ piece to your collection, Julia’s Square Foot show might be a good opportunity! All the works are $225  which for some participating artists is a super good deal! Don’t hesitate… it’s kind of more of a sale than a show… with buyers taking pieces off the walls as they walk in the door on opening night. You should also check out Julia’s Facebook page to see a sampling of the available pieces as they arrive in her space or go to the preview at her studio.

Opening night is December 10, 2015 at 7 pm.  167 James S N in Hamilton
[People will be lined up outside her studio… she opens the doors at 7 sharp!]

Preview will be December 5 from 10- 4 pm and Monday – Wednesday 11-4 daily.

Here are the five that I submitted (excuse my phone photography… pretty sure they look better in person but it’ll give ya an idea!):

nest12x12 treesIMG_4193 bike



Opening night is December 10, 2015 at 7 pm.  (Note, my experience last year as I lined up to grab a Libby Lennie piece was with a flurry of collectors snagging their favorite piece off the wall and taking it home with them… not really the time to check out art if you are going to browse. I recommend going to the preview if that’s what you want to do.)

Preview will be December 5 10- 4 pm and Monday – Wednesday 11-4 daily.

These are this years artists and their websites:

Paul Elia www.paulelia.com
Rob Croxford www.robcroxford.com
Julia Veenstra www.juliaveenstra.com
Kerry Walford www.kerrywalford.com
Michael Zarowsky www.zarowsky.net
Sharon Fox Cranston www.sharonfox.ca
Jessica Masters www.jessicamasters.com
David Hind www.davehind.com
Susannah Bleasby www.susannahbee.com
Judy Anderson www.judyanderson.com
Michelle Teitsma www.facebook.com/mitchymoo2
Nancy Benoy www.nancybenoy.carbonmade.com
Sandra Lewis Henry www.slewishenry.wix.com/sandralewishenry
Amy Montgomery www.amymontgomery.com
Jason Bouwman www.jasonbouwman.com
Jennifer Guhl www.facebook.com/art4everbyjennifer
Sandra Middleton www.facebook.com/SandyMiddletonPhotographicArt
Holly Young www,hollyyoungart.ca
Cate Baldwin
Marissa Sweet www.marissasweet.com


Posted on October 30, 2015

There’s one thing about painting that’s hard for a people-person like myself… sometimes you miss having “community” around you. Enter “INSTAGRAM”… over the last year, I’ve made connections, given and received encouragement, crowd-sourced when I had questions and dare I say, even made some ACTUAL FRIENDS! I’m thankful for the online art community I’ve discovered there!

Find me on Instagram here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.10.58 AM

Square Foot Show :: with Julia Veenstra – Hamilton, Ontario

Posted on October 19, 2015

Square Foot poster for webI’m super excited and honored to be part of Julia Veenstra’s Square Foot Show this year! (Thank you Julia for the invitation!) You can follow her on Facebook here to see other artist’s submissions for the show. Many collector’s have a piece in mind before the show date so that they can just go in and grab it without a thought. Last year I was determined to be in the line-up when the doors opened so I could score a Libby Lennie piece for my collection. I’m sure this year I’ll have my eye on something else and you’ll catch me in that line-up at the doors once again. See you there!? (Julia’s post about the square foot show can be found here.) PS – Here’s peek at just a few of the artists who will be at Julia’s Square Foot Show: Stewart Jones, Julie himmel, Gordon Leverton. Paul Elia, Dave HindAmanda Immurs, Susannah Bee, and Jessica Masters to name a few!